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Enriques’ biography

Federigo Enriques (Livorno 1871 - Roma 1946) was an eminent mathematician, a philosopher, an epistemologist, an historian of science, an expert of didactics. He was a leading member of the Italian school of Algebraic Geometry, founded by Luigi Cremona (1830 - 1903). With Guido Castenuovo (1865 - 1952), he accomplished the birrational classification of algebraic surfaces and studied important properties of higher dimensional varieties. In 1896, he became full professor of Geometria Proiettiva and Geometria Superiore at the University of Bologna, and he moved to the University of Rome in 1922. In 1938 he was dismissed as a Professor after the promulgation of the ratial laws. He was then reintegrated in 1944. He was director of the Mathematical Area of the Italian Encyclopedia (Enciclopedia Italiana) (1925 - 1937) and a member (Socio Nazionale) of the Accademia dei Lincei (1925 - 1938, 1945). He was a leading  character in creating and running scientific and didactic journals and institutions: at the begining of 1900, he was the President of the newborne SocietÓ Filosofica Italiana; he founded with Eugenio Rignano (1870 - 1930), and directed since 1907 to 1915 the journal Rivista di Scienza (afterwards called Scientia); he organized the International Congress of Phylosophy in Bologna (1911). In 1919 he became the President of the mathematical society Mathesis. He contributed with foundamental papers in any area of knowledge in which he worked: the complete list of papers by Federigo Enriques can be consulted on this website.

Among his sudents we mention: U. Amaldi (1875 - 1957), O. Chisini (1889 - 1967), L. Campedelli  (1903 - 1978), F. Conforto (1909 - 1954), G. Franchetta (n. 1917), M. Pompilj (1913 - 1968).

For a concise but complete biography of Federigo Enriques, see G. Israel, Enriques Federigo, Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, Vol. XLII, Ottobre 1993, Roma, Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana. Also the commemoration at the Accademia dei Lincei by G. Castelnuovo contains interesting biographical notes. See also other references in Documents.



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