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The National Edition of the collected works by Federigo Enriques is edited by a Committee appointed by the Ministero dei Beni Culturali with D. M. 08/02/2007. The Committee has been established on September 11, 2007, at the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (via del Collegio Romano, 27, Roma). The honorary President of the Committee is the Senator for life Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. The members of the Committee are Professors Bottazzini Umberto, Ciliberto Ciro, Franciosi Marco, Ghione Franco, Mugnai Massimo, Nastasi Pietro, Petitot Jean, Pogliano Claudio, Pompeo Faracovi Ornella (Secretary), Radicati di Brozolo Luigi, Scarantino Luca, Simili Raffaella, Turini Franco, Vesentini Edoardo (President). The Committee has been successively integrated with Professor Paola Gario. Dr. Paolo Bussotti acts as a scientific collaborator of the Committee.

The Committee approved a plan of the edition consisting of twenty-one volumes. The plan will be executed according to the available budget resources. The Committee also decided to create the present web site, whose main objective is to publish an electronic edition of the complete works by Federigo Enriques. It has been so far possible to scan and electronically publish only four of the twenty-one volumes. They can be downloaded in the section plan of the edition.

Warning: The search engine has been designed in order to work at its best only when the complete works of Enriques will be scanned and put on this site. At the present moment the engine shows to the user the papers it finds together with the corresponding links, even if they are not yet active. However, both, in the chronological index of papers and in the plane of the edition, only the active links are shown. In addition, for technical reasons, at the moment the codes attributed to the papers in the chronological index do not always correspond to the ones shown by the search engine. The editors of the site are sorry for these inconveniences.

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